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Few would argue that at times it appears America (if not the whole world), is spinning out of control. An “awaking” of sorts is happening but a root problem must be corrected before a long-term change will remain. Glen Beck made an incisive observation recently, “In 1962 and 1963, the Supreme Court removed Bible reading and prayer from public schools. But that seems to be an all too convenient scapegoat. The decline in prayer and Bible reading in homes is probably more to blame.” Mr. Beck also asks a pertinent question:

“Forget about school, how many of us stopped doing it at home? How many of us still don’t read the Bible or pray at home? Public education is definitely broken, but so are our homes.” The good news is, God has birthed a “new translation” called The Picture Smart Bible which we believe is beginning to make a difference. We also believe that Deuteronomy 6:7 is describing homeschools. While it is true that not every parent can make the commitment that home schooling requires, the “fruit” of such a sacrifice is obvious in every convention we attend. Homeschool parents and children LOVE TPSB! We believe that there are 3 basic reasons God has chosen to bless the Picture This products:

First TPSB utilizes Picture Power. Some leaders have said that we live in the most “picture-oriented” society ever to have inhabited the earth. From iPhones to automobile instrument panels, symbols have taken over the world of communication. The “Retention Chart” shows why pictures are powerful. Jesus once questioned His disciples, “With what parable shall I picture this?” (Mark 4:30 emphasis mine). Since images drawn on a page are (by God’s design) transferred to the mind, we can safely say that if those images are Bible verses, then The Picture Smart Bible is effectively “renewing the mind” with the word of God (Romans 12:2).

The second and more powerful “entity” of our curriculum is that TPSB is the word of God. God Himself declares that His word is like the rain and snow from heaven; they MAKE the earth fertile to bring forth seed and bread. His word cannot “return home” without accomplishing and prospering in the thing for which He sent it (from Isaiah 55:10,11). His word is alive, powerful and sharp enough to divide the thoughts and intents and soul and spirit (Hebrews 4:12).To the best of our ability, we have tried to communicate the Bible without commentary in TPSB. The graphics are simply picture outlines of each Bible book. The Learning the Word for Life series contain symbols combined to help students memorize the word of God.

The third reason we believe that TPSB “works” is that we specifically honor the Son of God. Every Old Testament Master Drawing highlights Jesus in a graphic called “The Good News Star-burst”. When describing our curriculum to potential buyers, we never leave an Old Testament drawing without highlighting and explaining the Good News Starburst. Students and parents quickly understand: the Bible is all about Jesus. God LIKES for His Son to be honored because Jesus IS the Good News!