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July/August - "Becoming to Behold"
After years of trying to be like Jesus, we as honest believers must admit: our fallen nature brings us face to face with the Apostle Paul's admission in Romans 7, "the good that I want to do, I don't. The bad that I don't want to do, that I practice." In other words, in comparison, we bear little or no resemblance to the Son of God. Yet the Holy Spirit beckons...(read more)

May/June - "Drawing into the Word"
In today's high tech society, getting students into the word of God is the challenge facing every serious Bible teacher. Their (our) environment is loaded with compelling, often ungodly images. However, teaching Bible in a Christian school for almost 20 years, we were presented with an even greater challenge than getting kids into the word. The real task was getting the word of God into the students. Unfortunately many...(read more)

March/April - "A Child Shall Lead Them"
For a limited time, God has granted us a "built-in lab" to develop and test the K-3 curriculum. Our great (and they are) grandchildren Beau and Lilly, ages 5 and 8 (pictured in top box on reverse side) are living with us. They have literally filled our home with joy, and they have "lead" me in so many ways. Seems when things got too "adult", Jesus focused attention on little children saying, "This is your example for Kingdom living." I want to share three important life-changing areas our great grandchildren have impacted me. (read more)

January/February - "Becoming Like Jesus"
In prayer a few days ago, I was lamenting (once again) to Jesus that my "improvement program" and my "dying to self" did not seem to be getting anywhere. I said, "I'm not sure I am doing any better than when we first met. I may be getting worse in my attempt to be like You." Then it occurred to me- if Jesus truly took over my life, my problems of trying to improve would be over. Why not just have Jesus come inside of me completely- no more of me, all of Him? Think about it. If Jesus lived fully in me:...(read more)

November/December '14 - "The Anger of Man"
A spirit of anger is hanging in the air. Wars are raging- inside and outside. From alleged police brutality to classroom bullying to road rage, anger is among us. No one is exempt because anger is an emotion God built into our DNA. The challenge is how to control it. David said, "Be angry, but don't sin" (Psa. 4:4). The first example of uncontrolled anger is in a second generation man- Cain (Gen. 4:5-8). We notice several things in this account: God warned Cain that "sin (anger) was at his "door". God gave him an alternate course and told him to "rule over it." God saw, He counseled and He...(read more)


July August '14 - "Where Are the Butterflies"
I have long been challenged by Romans 12:2, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind....” As we know, “transformed” refers to the metamorphosis which happens when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly- a beautiful new creature. Adding to the mystique of this verse is the fact that “transform” can also be rendered “transfigure” as in what happened to Jesus (1). At PictureThis! we have taught that renewing of the mind begins with memorizing scriptures. A memory bank of scriptures is good, but scriptures alone will not transform us into beautiful creatures. The Hebrew writer reveals that the word did...(read more)

May June '14 - "The Father's Blessing"
Conventions bring unique blessings. Many parents come to the table just to tell us how much The Picture Smart Bible has blessed their family. When eyes light up as they see how TPSB works, it overshadows all the pain of the trip. But the greatest thrill by far is giving the Father's blessing to virtually everyone who stops at the booth. Numbers 6:24-26 illustrated in Book I of our LWS series (see insert on reverse side) is ideal for my demoand the Father's blessing. Time after time, I watch a transformation take place. (Listen to this with your heart)... (read more)

March April '14 - Zack (my chihuahua): Evangeli
It is not unusual for people to stop to pet our three chihuahuas. (Even our trash truck driver couldn't resist). This time a Korean lady (Hannah) pulled over to the curb and got out with her 10 year old daughter to have a closer look. The name "Zaccheus" puzzled her, and she wanted to know its origin. I told her the Bible story of the short little man who was so driven to see Jesus that he calculated the path Jesus would likely take, ran to a tree on the path, climbed the Sycamore and waited. Sure enough, Jesus walked right underneath him... (read more)