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Old Testament


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New Testament


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Professional Rendering CD


This CD contains all 46 Old and New Testament Student Sheets from "The Picture-Smart Bible". The color has been rendered by two professional artists who have taught or are teaching, "PictureThis" materials. The purpose for this resource is primarily to spark your imagination.

Certainly few people can paint like the artists who did these beautiful works of art, but the renderings can help you choose colors, patterns and shades. With each rendering you are helping the word of God to stick in your memory. Have fun!


 Resource CD


This CD includes all 3 "Learning the Word for Life" books, plus the Student Questions and Answer Key packet. The LWL books are referenced at the end of each TPSB lesson under "Implant the Word". We believe that memorizing the Scripture (made easier with our simple sketches), moves the truth of God’s word from the printed page to our mind (Rom. 12:2).

Then, as we meditate and journal (a page is provided for that), the word moves from our head to our heart. Each of the 3 books also have a theme: Book 1: "Foundations", Book 2: "Bread for the Wilderness" and Book 3: "God, Your Real Dad".

3-Ring Binder Pages


2 Volume Set, Old and New Testament.


Over 400 pages of text and illustrations
present a complete The Picture-Smart Bible lesson.




For MAC or PC... Contains complete The Picture-Smart Bible program, including Student Sheets and Resources


Special Combo


2 Volume 3-Ring Binder Sheets Set over 400 Pages of text and illustrations

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New Testament Manual Only:


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